Friday evening, June 3 -Sunday, June 5, 2016 and
Friday evening, June 10 - Sunday, June 12, 2016
Merchantville, NJ

Soul Retrieval is an ancient shamanic practice of helping to reconnect people to the essence of who they truly are. Traditionally, people recognized that experiences of trauma, loss and illness may result in spiritual and psychic fragmentation (soul loss). Soul loss is a critical issue in our modern lives. It is too easy to become disconnected from our essence and from the rhythms of the natural world in a culture that does not sufficiently value and support the needs of the soul. Soul Retrieval is a practice of helping restore people to wholeness, to balance, and to power.

Over the course of our lives, parts of our soul or life essence can leave us in order to remain safe in the face of trauma, shame or other "soul" injuries. As a result, we can experience illness, or feel blocked or less than we are fully capable of being.

Join us for this intensive training to explore the practice of Soul Retrieval and the shaman's role in singing the soul back home - journeying to find and restore soul parts to clients experiencing soul loss and wishing to feel whole again. 

In this pivotal time on our planet, this beautiful practice allows clients to experience the love, joy and wholeness that is their birthright.

Sandra Ingerman is widely credited with rediscovering the practice of Soul Retrieval for contemporary practitioners. This 5-day intensive will be co-taught by Susan Rossi and Cindy O’Connor, both graduates of Sandra Ingerman’s Soul Retrieval Training. In our experience, skill in Soul Retrieval is a fundamental component of effective shamanic practice, and is essential for any practitioner seeing clients. This training qualifies as the Soul Retrieval training prerequisite for Sandra Ingerman’s two-year Teacher Training.  Participants will be eligible for listing on the Shamanic Practitioners referral website after completion of the training and submission of case studies to Sandra Ingerman for review.  

Among the topics included in this training are:

  • Identifying and diagnosing  soul loss;
  • Information about how soul essence may be lost (given away, stolen, spontaneous loss);

  • Core practices of Soul Retrieval (how to track and retrieve lost soul essences), including preparation of self and space;

  • Examining the nature of the essences returned through the process of Soul Retrieval, including  retrieval of the soul essence of lost or damaged body parts;

  • Establishing relationships with compassionate spirits who assist in the work;

  • Practical aspects of Soul Retrieval, its integration and after-care (with opportunities for actual practice);

  • Interpreting our journeys and creating healing stories for our clients;

  • Overview of various approaches, including related hypno-therapy practices;

  • Integrating Soul Retrieval with other shamanic practices;

  • Opportunities for reclaiming our own True Selves and for artistic expression to ground this energy into form, including several Red Thread Sessions taught by Susan Rossi, a Color of Woman certified teacher;

  • Ethical considerations (integrity, confidentiality, respect for client’s privacy);

  • Recommended Reading List.

Prerequisite experience and motivation: You must be skilled at shamanic journeying; and have good relationships with helping spirits. Although participants will have opportunities to assume the role of client and practitioner during this training - and will receive a Soul Retrieval - this training is not intended for people seeking the role of client (seeking personal healing). It is intended for those who wish to deepen their shamanic practice, and to step into the role of shamanic practitioner in order to help others.

For Kirlian photographic images of an individual before and after Soul Retrieval, please visit

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SUSAN ROSSI (right) Susan has worked with clients in her shamanic practice for 15 years. She is a graduate of Sandra Ingerman's 2-year Teacher Training and of Betsy Bergstrom's Compassionate Depossession Teacher Training. She has been privileged to study with Carol Proudfoot Edgar and teachers from The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and has worked with indigenous teachers, mystics and healers for 20 years. Susan teaches classes in shamanic practice and painting and led the Merchantville Drumming Circle for 10 years.  She is also a trained hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and reflexologist, and completed 2 years of the Sisterhood of the Silver Branch goddess studies program.

CINDY O’CONNOR (left) Cindy is a shamanic practitioner and teacher in central New Jersey. A founding member of the Society for Shamanic Practice, she sponsored and assisted Betsy Bergstrom’s teaching on the east coast for four years. She is a graduate of Betsy’s 2-Year Wheel of Life Middle World program, and her Compassionate Depossession Teacher Training Program; and of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies 6th East Coast 3-Year Program. Trained by Francesca Mason Boring, she is a certified facilitator of Systemic Constellation. A Reiki master since 2002, she has experience in hospice and cancer care. She has been a member of the Mercer County Drumming Circle for many years, and is founder and leader of the Open Heart Circle.

LOCATION: The Gathering Place, 19 N. Centre Street, Merchantville New Jersey 08109. Easy access to Philadelphia and major highways.  A list of local hotels and motels will be provided to registrants coming from out of town.  There are local restaurants for lunch and dinner and a small refrigerator available.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Application and payment for this program is due by May 15, 2016. Each weekend workshop begins at 8 p.m. on Friday and ends at 5 p.m. on Sunday.

FEES: Fees are payable by check, money order, Paypal or credit card (Paypal payments and credit card transactions include an additional service fee). Tea, water and snacks are included in the fees. A $200 deposit is required with registration. Fees do not include meals or over-night accommodations. A listing of nearby hotels and restaurants will be provided upon request.

Please contact Cindy with questions at or 609-273-4399; or Susan at or 215-901-0759. Click the button below for an application form. Thank you!

"Most of us are looking for a strong sense of self.  We find that the only feelings of wholeness come from within.  We find that outer security is false and that we must feel secure inside ourselves.  When we are all here, or home, it's much easier to feel peaceful, secure and in harmony with the greater whole - the universe."  - Sandra Ingerman, Soul Retrieval