Dream Unraveling Journey Circle May 22 at 7

Have you left a piece of yourself in an old dream? Is a "dream deferred" sapping your will to move into realizing a new dream?  We will explore how to unravel an old dream, and how to reclaim the life force we invested in it. We'll work with a rattle. If you have one, bring it and a journal, and a bandanna or eye-covering. (I have rattles to share here, as well.) Donation of $5 recommended. To be held in central Jersey, in East Windsor. Please contact me for location details and directions. We meet the 4th Wednesday of the month. The Open Heart Journey Circle is intended for folks with a bit of experience, and those looking to acquire it. Our intention is to continue to get to know our helping spirits better: to be in conscious relationship with them, and to learn more about how we may work together for healing and insight.


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