Even before I was introduced to shamanism, my Reiki practice was shamanic. My power animal came to me as my "Reiki Guide" - and I heard, saw, felt, and knew things that I was directed to share with my clients. I think that this is a fairly common experience, for those finding themselves on a shamanic path. I am finding that my work as a facilitator of systems constellation work is also inseparable from my shamanic practice. Some deep work has been showing up in the constellation circles I have facilitated. This is a testament to the compassion and intention of the circles: they are able to hold the work in a safe and sacred way. However, the experience is not the same as one might expect from a journey circle, and I think it may be wise to hold separate circles: dedicated either for journey work, or for the exploration of a decidedly shamanic experience of systems constellations. This workshop is intended as an introduction to systems constellations, with strong emphasis on the shamanic aspects of the work. I particularly invite shamanic practitioners who may be interested in exploring the Knowing Field.

Systems Constellation involves working with intention for healing with energetic systems. Family Systems Constellation focuses on the energetic dynamics of family relationships, with the intention of increasing the flow of love in a family. Organizational, Business, and Nature Systems Constellation have all evolved from the original work with family systems, and focus on facilitating healthy relationships in the systems as their names suggest.

In my experience, the practice and experience of Systems Constellation varies enormously, depending largely on the orientation and intention of the facilitator. Whether the facilitator utilizes a rigid constructivist approach or an open phenomenological approach to the work, however, I have observed that the Knowing Field (first coined by Dr. Albrecht Mahr) offers opportunities for healing that I have previously associated only with traditional shamanic healing practices. These include experiences of psychopomping, soul retrieval, extraction, uncording, curse unraveling, and compassionate depossession. When we open sacred space with the intention of healing, and open our awareness to engagement with the energetic fields that intimately and profoundly influence our lives, we access many possibilities. I ask that participants, whether experienced with shamanic practice or not, register with the understanding that we will be a community engaged in work that may be very challenging. There is a $20 fee for this workshop. Participants may have an opportunity to bring a personal or professional issue to the group for process.…