Open Heart Circle will meet at my home Wednesdays, September 23 and December 30. This circle is usually a shamanic journey circle. We will devote these two months, however, to family constellation work. The fundamental intention of this work is to increase the flow of love in a family. I experience the work as very shamanic, but there is no requirement to know how to journey. Like shamanism, constellation work offers direct revelation of spirit. Dr. Albrecht Mahr describes a "Knowing Field" that may be accessed: an energetic field rich with information pertaining to the family soul. Constellation work addresses the transgenerational, or systemic aspects of issues like illness, pain, grief, loss, fear, abuse, and "bad luck." It also recognizes the resources that support families. We inherit many things from our ancestors: hair and eye color, body shape, certain abilities. We also inherit our family's energetic field and, with it, patterns of behavior and experience. Honoring "what is" in a family can open possibilities for healing old constraints.

The session Wednesday, September 23 will be an Introduction to Family Constellations focusing on Honoring our Ancestors. You will have an opportunity to experience connection with your ancestors, going back seven generations. You will also have the opportunity to stand as representatives for others' ancestors. No experience is necessary. 

If you plan to attend, please RSVP to cindyoconnor.net@gmail.com. Open Heart Circle meets at 7 p.m. in East Windsor, NJ. Feel free to arrive at 6:30 p.m., and to bring a friend. A small donation is suggested.

In 2016, I will offer Systemic Constellation workshops for a fee, scheduled at times other than those dedicated to Open Heart Circle.