Experience Nature Energetically!

Nature & Environment Constellations Workshop with Francesca Mason Boring
June 26 & 27, 2015                                    
Blueberry Gardens, Ashton, MD
"Systems Constellation" work is about engaging with the Knowing Field: about embodying the wisdom inherent in energetic fields and increasing the flow of love in energetic systems. Seattle resident, Francesca Mason Boring, is a bi-cultural Shoshone author, teacher and facilitator - and one of the foremost contributors to the development of systems constellation to environmental issues. The first two days of this workshop are open to the public. The first day is free. If you are involved with environmental issues (and who is not?), or are a lover of Nature, I highly recommend this workshop. It is a rare privilege be able to participate in constellations led by Francesca on the east coast. To register contact Rani George: Circlefolks4@aol.com. For details, please see the flyer at: