Introduction to Compassionate Spirit Release
with Cindy O’Connor
Pendle Hill, Wallingford, PA


This workshop is an opportunity to safely explore the common – if extraordinary – illness of spirit possession and overshadowing. While this illness may manifest as portrayed in the drama of popular culture, it is much more often experienced as subtle influence; and most often goes unrecognized or misdiagnosed. Compassionate Spirit Release (Depossession) is the gentle, unconditionally loving practice of helping incarnate and discarnate beings to freedom. 

It is an essential skill for the serious shamanic practitioner, as well as for many facilitators of Systemic Constellation work, professional bodyworkers, counselors, and psychotherapists. This work is in the lineage of the ground-breaking compassionate teachings of Betsy Bergstrom. This is advanced training for those confident in their ability to engage in a shamanic journey and work effectively with compassionate spirits. Applicants must have a regular spiritual practice, and reliable relationships with their helping spirits. This is a three-day experiential, initiatory workshop. It will include:
•    Exploration of the history, causes, dynamics, and symptoms of spirit attachment and possession;
•    Brief overview of various techniques for alleviating the suffering caused by the attachment and possession of suffering beings;
•    In depth exploration of the practice of compassionate spirit release and depossession, including systemic constellation work, step-by-step protocol; demonstrations; and practice;
•    Establishing personal relationships with the powerful spirit allies of this work;
•    Recommendations for working safely in the Middle World;
•    Aftercare for self and client;
•    Prevention of possession and overshadowing;
•    Recommended Reading List.

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Cindy O’Connor is a shamanic practitioner and teacher in central New Jersey. A founding member of the Society for Shamanic Practice, she sponsored and assisted Betsy Bergstrom’s teaching on the east coast for four years. She is a graduate of Betsy’s 2-Year Wheel of Life Middle World program, and her Compassionate Depossession Teacher Training Program; and of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies 6th East Coast 3-Year Program. Trained by Francesca Mason Boring, she is a certified facilitator of Systemic Constellation. A Reiki master since 2002, she has experience in hospice and cancer care. She has been a member of the Mercer County Drumming Circle for many years, and is founder and leader of the Open Heart Circle. For more information, please visit


Location: Pendle Hill, PA near Philadelphia. This lovely Quaker retreat offers farm-to-table cuisine; a 23-acre wooded campus with beautiful grounds for meditation and contemplation, a labyrinth, pond and ancient trees, an open art studio; and close proximity to the Philadelphia airport and Philadelphia Amtrak train station, and SEPTA Line (walking distance).